Get to know us

Get to know us

Bianchi Dino, an evergreen company

Providing new solutions to organize creative and natural environments: that’s Bianchi Dino’s job, an Italian company with over forty-five years experience in the market of artificial and withered flowers, furniture, decorations for Christmas, Easter, Saint Valentines’, Halloween, Mother’s and Women Day.

The catalogue provides a wide range of products, more than 15.000 items, addressed to all those professionals who work in this field: florists, shopkeepers, window dressers, interior designers and retailers in general. The quality of all our products is certified and they are all selected by Bianchi Dino’s team, in order to offer only modern, beautiful and original items. This way it’s easy to add a touch of natural creativity to spaces where we live, thus making a special occasion, an anniversary, a party a colourful and lively event.

 A history from Tuscany, an International success

Dino Bianchi’s company was born in 1970 as a small company skilled in flowers drying and colouring. The company was born from an idea of Dino Bianchi, a young craftsman from Collodi, a small village in Tuscany next to Pistoia, and his wife Rina Balbani. The technical skill, the artistic sensitivity and the care for details that the Bianchi use in arranging flowers, soon make their project  become successful.

The ability to make changes, to keep up with times and diversify production according to the market’s needs enabled a small business to become an international and modern company, that is present on all world markets, with headquarters of more than 14.000 square meters in  Pescia (Pistoia), and about 30 highly skilled workers.

 Today, Dino and Rina’s children, Frusetta Bianchi and Franco Bianchi, together with Alberto Natali, keep on with their company’s tradition and are facing new challenges that are mainly represented by the technological innovations, international relationships and marketing.

Although getting on with their old production of withered flowers, Bianchi Dino focused more and more on the import from eastern Countries of artificial flowers, candles, different kinds of items, baskets, Christmas and Easter items: customizing products, keeping up-to-date and following the new market’s trends enable the company to get special products that are unique of their kinds.

 Highly competitive prices enabled Bianchi Dino to be known and appreciated from a wider number of customers who trust in the variety and availability of our products. Today Bianchi Dino is the most reliable partner and supplier of thousands of resellers and field professionals, in Italy and abroad. 

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